I grew up in Sydney but moved to the coast to be with my husband. We have two sons who are racing through life. By day I'm a high school teacher, by night, I write. My dream is to one day write full time. I like to do anything that allows me to express my creativity- drawing, painting, playing guitar, cooking and of course writing- in other words I don’t switch off.

I have always loved to write and I’ve been writing stories since my childhood. Even when life gets busy, writing always calls me back. My love for romance novels, in particular, began as a teenager where I would sneak my mother’s romance books from her bookshelf. I was hooked on reading and writing them. I have a Certificate in Romance Writing through the Australian College of Journalism and have three self-published novels with a fourth available for pre order now.

I love to write about Australian settings, but in particular, in the heart of the bustling city of Sydney as this is where I grew up. I like to write my stories with a subversive edge and a dash of humour thrown in.