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SIDE EFFECT- part of the Ulysses Series

Kendall Atherton, a promising psychology student, has been given the most unusual proposition- payment of a whole semester's tuition fees if she agrees to treat a patient in his home. Maton Lee has been through a traumatic experience, one that sees him confined to his apartment. Vanessa- his desperate mother, just wants to see him get well. But his challenging and rude demeanour is so much more than what Kendall can handle. Defeated and humiliated she vows never to return. Of course, Kendall has already accepted the money and owes it to Vanessa to at least make one more attempt to get through to the broken yet beautiful man.


It's not long before Kendall is drawn to him, but this is not a normal boy meets girl situation. If anyone discovers she is having an affair with Maton, she will be thrown out of her course, but the last person Kendall expects to expose her is Maton himself. Angered by the discovery of the payments his mother made, Maton ends their relationship. But when the same man who preyed upon him comes after Kendall, he realises he may have left it too late to tell her how he really feels.

Coming soon: 

THE RESEARCH PROJECT- a stand alone novel coming soon


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